Vis Unita Fortior: Mission


Here are Marianne's three pillars


Marianne was born from the idea of a group of young students from LUISS University in Rome. Innovation and originality are the main characteristics of this project, whose main aim is the enhancement of French and Italian cultural heritage, through dialogue between the two nations.

The association develops from this objective and is committed to promoting a new concept of bilateral relations based mainly on two main thematic areas

(a) The creation of an associative reality, where personalities from the institutional, diplomatic, economic and academic worlds will converge, with the aim of valuing the French and Italian artistic and cultural heritage. Italy and France boast an immense cultural background. Culture, therefore, will be the basis of our common vision: two territories more aware of their history and traditions, with mutual respect and synergy of intentions.

b) The creation of a networking network, through the enhancement of territorial excellences, whose wealth is expressed in their historical and cultural value. Several realities will find themselves coexisting within Marianne, from academia to professional and institutional, with the aim of achieving a common development programme of small entrepreneurial realities and diplomatic relations between France and Italy.

The group of students is coordinated by Prof. Alberto Castelvecchi who immediately shared Marianne's vision and ideas.